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Receive a matching headband with every swaddle 🤍 Enjoy free shipping on orders $85+ Australia wide. Express free over $150. AfterPay available. Receive a free matching handband with every swaddle 🤍 Enjoy free shipping on orders $85+ Aus wide. Express free over $150. AfterPay available.

Sustainability + Ethicality

At Joey + Pup, we are aware of the impact our decisions can make on the world around us. As Mums ourselves, we have a strong desire to be stewards of the earth for our children and the generations to come. We are committed to creating a positive impact and preserving the beauty all around us, through researched and trusted measures.

Some of the ways we practice sustainability include: Using 100% biodegradable bamboo fabric. We love bamboo as it is a highly sustainable crop. Bamboo fabric is also luxuriously soft and coupled with its antibacterial properties, is the prime choice for your bub.

All our products are packaged and mailed using plant based, fully compostable material made from corn. It does not take long to see the devastating effects of single use plastic around us and often in our very own homes. We believe that prioritising sustainable packaging is a simple but extremely important step in preserving the earth around us (despite no longer being qualified for flat rate shipping.)

We have a good relationship with our manufacturing team and have made sure we know the ins and outs of the process, the people, the conditions they work in and the kind of impact our company is making on all levels. We believe that knowledge is important, and that ignorance is no longer an acceptable excuse in our current day and age. All human life is valued at Joey + Pup, and we aim to reflect that in our practices and the choices we make.