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Joey + Pup's Mission

Joey + Pup was born to give. This is a vital part of the brand, the very heart and purpose behind the creation of everything sold. To help others and change lives for the better.

With a heart for women and children and the realisation just how many challenges face women who give birth in developing countries (we decided as a start) that every cot sheet or swaddle sold would help supply a birthing kit to a woman in a Third World Country. 

We have plans to create a kit for the newborns; filed with essential items. We are also looking into Orphanages across the world, to give into and support and other ways to help teenage girls in Developing Countries with reusable sanitary products so they can continue their Schooling every week of the month.

But our heart to help women and children across the world couldn’t be possible without you... our customers. We are grateful for every birth kit going out to a woman in need, and to be on this mission together with you!