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About Us

Two Mums with a shared passion and a mission.

Joey + Pup is an Australian baby brand that provides a range of thoughtfully designed, premium quality products suitable for your little one.

It all began when friends and first time mums, Ivy and Nicolette sought to find beautiful, quality products for their babies. They soon found they had a shared passion for quality and of carefully manufactured products which are creatively designed in Australia.

Much time was spent on sourcing and sampling each and every product, ensuring that whatever was selected, suited a standard which would be high enough for Ivy and Nicolette to allow their own babies to sleep on or be swaddle in. Everything was road tested and trialled to ensure each product was fit for busy Mums, who could rely on a product which was chemical free, soft for their baby and a quality which would last many washes (especially during those milky newborn days!)

With quality in mind, a selective process of each potential product was undertaken and only particular fabrics chosen. There are two main materials Joey + Pup use. These are Oeko-Tex certified Bamboo, and GOTs certified Organic Cotton; meaning they are chemical free.

Every pattern, has both been influenced and designed in Australia with original artwork made both by hand and with a digital design process. This was an something of significance when Joey + Pup commenced; ensuring a current and carefully chosen colour palette; original prints which had significant Australian style and a varied enough collection which could allow for diverse nursery styles and colour schemes. There is ambition for new patterned products to be released often.


Our Mission

It has been estimated that 300,000 women, along with 2.5 million newborns die from preventable causes related to childbirth each year. Majority of these deaths take place in developing countries.

Our mission at Joey + Pup, is to support mothers and their newborns in developing countries who are without adequate birth support. Every product purchased by our customers will help make a difference in a mother's and newborn's life through the donation of a birth kit. When we discovered there were so many women who had a severe lack of medical assistance and could not be guaranteed a sterile birth; we decided it was important to help, even if just in a small way to start with. 

Every cot sheet and swaddle sold will provide a birth kit to a mother in a developing country. This will include basic items like gloves, soap, a sterile blade, a plastic sheet, string and a few other items. This may seem very plain but the reality of many women birthing their baby into the dirt or mud (posing a great risk of infection to baby and mother also) basic sterile items which are purposeful and useful became essential to comprise these packs. (Included also is a generous gift from Medela Australia, who have generously provided Purelan 100 nipple cream to these women, who will be commencing breastfeeding with their new born.)

Joey + Pup is joining with particular individuals and organisations, in order to practically reach as many women and children across the globe as possible. Stay tuned for new outreaches and ways Joey + Pup will be giving and assisting those who need it most and we thank you for being part of this mission together, reaching those mothers and babies in different parts of the world. 

*During Covid-19 we are setting aside a birth kit per swaddle and cot sheet sale. Once travel restrictions lift and it is safe to travel and enter the countries we have made plans to distribute our kits in; we will share much more about this mission. If restrictions continue and travel is unsafe, we will make plans for a different way to distribute; with every endeavour to reach these precious women and make a difference as a Joey + Pup community.