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Introducing ... Our babies

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Introducing ... Our babies 💛 We thought it would be a good idea to do some photo shoots featuring Joey + Pup product and also with our growing bubs. But little did we realise 1) how much fun it would be and 2) how funny these two would be together  (And how many frames would either contain my hands or someone else’s trying to seperate them before they kissed or clashed 😂😬) /

Ivy and I have always gotten together for meeting catch ups, since the beginnings of Joey + Pup and I think seeing James and Eliana interact together always became a highlight. The first times we got together, it was like two fries cut from the one potato 👶🏻👶🏼 They were wonderful and just moved both their arms and legs and tried to hold hands (we thought adorable.) And then there came rolling And double rolls and both trying to roll close to each other to play 💛 And then there came crawling! Now we had to get serious and pop the babies as far away as possible from each other so Ivy and I could get just 2 words in each, before we had to rescue them both from giving each other kisses! /

And something I think we’ve both seen first hand over the time since they’ve been born, is the incredible development and changes which happen in those first few years of a baby’s life. It’s beyond amazing and actually feels miraculous and an honour to be allowed in the life of your little one to witness; each and every beautiful change. Daily, they seem to grow a little more. I actually found even after a sleep, I’ll pick Eliana up and she seems longer, taller, heavier! Her hair is growing lighter, her vocabulary is starting to expand (still talking baby words but more and more of them.) Clapping, waving, sitting up. Pulling up to stand. Climbing the stairs! (Mum and Dad putting a gate across the stairs ) But all this is to say, how amazing is the development of a little one. Their changes, their growth and them becoming exactly the person they were born to be. It’s quite incredible and it’s been astonishing to witness and be a part of. 💛 Nicolette x

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