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Introducing ... Our babies

Introducing ... Our babies 💛 We thought it would be a good idea to do some photo shoots featuring Joey + Pup product and also with our growing bubs. But little did we realise 1) how much fun it would be and 2) how funny these two would be together  (And how many frames would either contain my hands or someone else’s trying to seperate them before they kissed or clashed 😂😬) /

Ivy and I have always gotten together for meeting catch ups, since the beginnings of Joey + Pup and I think seeing James and Eliana interact together always became a highlight. The first times we got together, it was like two fries cut from the one potato 👶🏻👶🏼 They were wonderful and just moved both their arms and legs and tried to hold hands (we thought adorable.) And then there came rolling And double rolls and both trying to roll close to each other to play 💛 And then there came crawling! Now we had to get serious and pop the babies as far away as possible from each other so Ivy and I could get just 2 words in each, before we had to rescue them both from giving each other kisses! /

And something I think we’ve both seen first hand over the time since they’ve been born, is the incredible development and changes which happen in those first few years of a baby’s life. It’s beyond amazing and actually feels miraculous and an honour to be allowed in the life of your little one to witness; each and every beautiful change. Daily, they seem to grow a little more. I actually found even after a sleep, I’ll pick Eliana up and she seems longer, taller, heavier! Her hair is growing lighter, her vocabulary is starting to expand (still talking baby words but more and more of them.) Clapping, waving, sitting up. Pulling up to stand. Climbing the stairs! (Mum and Dad putting a gate across the stairs ) But all this is to say, how amazing is the development of a little one. Their changes, their growth and them becoming exactly the person they were born to be. It’s quite incredible and it’s been astonishing to witness and be a part of. 💛 Nicolette x

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Why do we give Birthing Kits?

Why do we give Birthing Kits?

I think it was after my pregnancy and the birth of my daughter, that the conditions and treatment to women during these vulnerable times, was of great significance. My pregnancy was relatively smooth, with lots of midwife oversight, support and monthly and then fortnightly checks. I had blood taken often, and went through all the appointments with bubs heart beat being counted, scans as often as required (and 3D one just for fun!) and lots of medical support as it was needed. My husband is amazing and ensured to come along to every appointment, scan and anything we needed to be at, during the pregnancy and even after, for support and to be part of the picture and I appreciated that so much.

Labour was intense and something to share for another day, but the fact that our babys health and my health was at the most highest priority meant, that when anything was suggested to me before or during birth; I greatly appreciated the care and guidance and was so thankful for the support and nurturing throughout. I knew I was in safe hands.


So with all this as a background, I wanted to share about what women go through in developing countries when they become pregnant (and if they survive the pregnancy) what happens during birth. Many of them actually do not make it. They die actually. And there are very limited articles, not many new ones - some I found from the New York Times from 1987! But the facts still stay the same, (from statistics back in 2016) 1 in 7 (often times higher) die in during childbirth or after childbirth. Some females, aged 10-19 are at the highest chance of dying during childbirth. And many times they pass from issues which could have been preventable; like excessive bleeding, infection or preeclampsia.

Other articles I have read about midwives going to assist during a birth in a developing nation. One in particular the women who was in labour, was actually giving birth outside onto the dirt. I was also raining and people were shielding her face from the rain pour through the use of banana leaves. It was something that I just couldn’t imagine taking place. It’s so far from what we know of labour in the western world.


But this is reality for so many women in developing nations. During this situation it was pivotal that the baby not drop into the dirt when they are born ... especially when it is raining, the person assisting has no gloves and the baby’s body quickly comes through, it becomes quite easy for that baby to fall. If that child does land in the dirt, this becomes a great point of infection... a brand new baby, straight into the mud.

This is why Ivy and I, after sharing our birth stories and experiences realized just how vulnerable these women actually are. And they have so many needs but limited help and care. This is why we decided through Joey + Pup, and with our customers, that together we could do something about it. To just do something. Get the ball rolling and impact as many women and children that we can. We’ve been in the process of gathering a kit which we have been putting together in order to give assistance during birth. This is still quite basic, but much more then what most women in the third world currently have. We are also working toward a kit for the babies too, this will have things that a baby would need after birth. With each sale of a swaddle or cot sheet, a birth kit will be provided for a woman in need. We are so excited for when our online store opens to know that, we are embarking on this journey to make a difference and an impact. And we wish to thank you too for making a difference to women and babies across the globe.
💛 x Nicolette.
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