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Just wanted to say Hi!

Just wanted to say Hi!

Just wanted to say a proper Hi 👋 and introduce myself with my daughter Eliana 🤍

I'm Nicolette, one of the Mums from Joey + Pup and it was last year, a few months into becoming a Mum when my friend Ivy (who also had a little one, only a few months old!) and I decided to start something new.

We found a similarities between baby products we both liked; items we found practical/ essential and then also products we found stylish and trendy for our babies. It became apparent what mattered to both of us the most though were products that were carefully sourced and manufactured (ensuring they were gentle for little ones.)

Both being new Mums and recently experiencing complicated births; we realised how fortunate we were to have such medical support during a time of great vulnerability. We decided to create a business that would also endeavour to help women in developing nations who needed basic aid during birth. We are excited for the journey ahead and thank you for the support so far 🤍

It's also something so special connecting with Mums all over the world... bringing assurance that through this motherhood journey, we are all in this together 💗 x